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FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2012

This competition closed on 15/10/2012.

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The aim of this competition is to help promote the photographic profession and to raise the level of professional standards. It is intended to give just recognition to those who work in this sector according to the highest levels of quality and professionalism. The competition is a non-profit event and all fees collected will be used to promote the FEP and the FEP member associations.

The "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards" will be open to all professional photographers who are registered and resident in a European country, with no discrimination of sex, race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. Special sections will also be open for international photographers (who are not resident in a European country) and for European Young Photographers, Assistants and Students.

There are also two special sections: INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (for non- European professional photographers), and YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS & STUDENTS open to the students of recognized schools of photography and to photographers and assistants under 25 year of age. Images submitted for the special sections will be judged according to the same criteria as the six main categories.

The following awards will be issued:

FEP European Wedding Golden Camera Award
FEP European Portrait Golden Camera Award
FEP European Commercial Golden Camera Award
FEP European Reportage Golden Camera Award
FEP European Landscape Golden Camera Award
FEP European Illustrative Golden Camera Award
FEP International Golden Camera Award
FEP European Young Photographers & Students Award

and the overall winner
FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Award

The competition is totally Web based; the registration, hosting and judging are all carried out online. All entries will be published anonymously on the FEP web site, in the relevant section of the competition.

To enter a section, photographers should complete the entry form online. Entrants must submit a set of 3 images in the same category. Only one set of 3 images per category in each of the 6 categories (18 images maximum) may be submitted. Non-European Photographers and Young Photographers & Students may only enter their two special sections.
Entrants who are members of a FEP member association will have to nominate the national association of which they are member.
Students must indicate their relevant photographic institute.
Assistants must indicate the name of the photographic studio where they are employed.

Submitted images must not have entered other FEP Competitions or previous editions of this FEP Competition.

Submitted images must not have WON other international competitions.

Submitted images must be larger than 1200 pixels on the longest side, and less than 2MB in size. As an approximate guide, an image size of around 2400 pixels (on the longest side) and a .jpg compression setting of 10 (on Photoshop’s scale) will give a suitable file.

Entrants have to certify that the entire process of production and post-production of any photographs submitted has been carried out by the entrant or under his/her direction. It is not possible to submit two images of the same subject, unless the process of post-production results in two completely different images. Images not considered admissible may be disqualified at the discretion of the jury.

The images must be anonymous and in the case of images pertinent to advertising campaigns, they must not contain any text or graphic elements, which were not part of the original exposure. Images containing text will be immediately disqualified.

Closing date for receipt of entries is October 15th 2012.

For photographers who are members of FEP member associations, an entry fee of 10,00 Euro for each series of 3 images is mandatory. They can enter all the 6 categories.

QEP and MASTER QEP holders can enter one category for free, then, should they like to enter other categories, they have to pay 10,00 Euro per category, like other FEP members. They can enter all the 6 categories.

For European photographers who are not members of FEP member associations, an entry fee of 30,00 Euro is mandatory for each series of 3 images. They can enter all the 6 categories.

For International photographers (who are not citizens of a European country), an entry fee of 30,00 Euro is mandatory.
ATTENTION PLEASE: International photographers may enter only their special section.

For Students & Young Photographers an entry fee of 5,00 Euro is mandatory.
ATTENTION PLEASE: Young Photographers & Students may enter only their special section.

Entrants are required to pay the entry fee through PayPal (a safe system for credit cards).


All images entered will be assessed by an international FEP jury with an online voting system and awarded points out of 100.
• The image achieving a score between 70/100 and 79/100 will be presented with a Bronze Award Certificate.
• Those obtaining a score between 80/100 and 89/100 will be presented with a Silver Award Certificate and
• Finally, those obtaining a score of at least 90/100 will be presented with a Gold Award Certificate by the FEP.

The IMAGES and the photographers’ name of the award winning pictures will be published on the FEP website.

All participants will receive the official results by e-mail.

The top 10 photographers in each category and in the two special sections will be presented as the "finalists".

The award classification will be determined by adding the scores achieved of all three images submitted. All the finalists will receive a “finalist” certificate.

The photographers who achieved the top score in each category will be presented as FEP GOLDEN CAMERAS for the relevant category. The photographers who obtained the Second and Third place in each category will be announced as“ FEP Silver Camera” for 2nd place and “ FEP Bronze Camera” for 3rd place. All the authors winners/second and third in each category will receive a certificate and a trophy.

From the 6 category winners the jury will then select an Overall Winner, and the author who achieves the highest number of votes will be presented as the “FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year”. He/she will receive a certificate and a special trophy.
In the event of a draw, there will be a re-vote by the jury and an overall winner will be chosen between the two or more authors.
The overall winner will receive their certificate and trophy at the annual award ceremony.
The IMAGES and name of the overall winner will be published on the official FEP website.


Awards will be presented at a special ceremony to be held in the second half of 2012. Date and venue of the ceremony will be communicated at a later stage.
The presentations will consist of certificates and GOLDEN CAMERA trophies.
The IMAGES and names of all successful candidates and finalists will be published on the official FEP website.
Prints may be made of the top 3 sets per each category, as well as the special sections, for inclusion in the official exhibition at the annual award ceremony.

All rights relative to the images entered in the competition remain property of their owners. The competition’s organizers reserve the right to reproduce images entered, for the purposes of promoting the event or for educational reasons. FEP cannot be held responsible for 3 parties misuse of images.

FEP and the official sponsors of the competition may ask the winners for permission to use the photographs for promotional purposes for one year, publishing the name of the author and the event together with the winning images.

It is the responsibility of the entrants to obtain the necessary permits for all photographs entered, including model releases and permission from copyright holders (when this is not property of the photographer), in order to allow their participation in the competition and possible publication, within the limits described in the paragraph above.

By completing the entry form, the entrants agree that they accept in full the competition’s rules. The organizers of the competition and the Chairman of the judging commission will interpret the correct application of these rules and will arbitrate on any situations not expressly covered by them. The decision of the jury is final; however, constructive criticism, suggestions and comments are welcome.

The participants’ personal information will be for internal organizational use only, in respect of national and international privacy laws.

The judging panel will include a non–voting Chairman and 7 members, of different nationalities, selected among, Master QEP photographers and other photographic experts nominated by the FEP board. The Chairman of the Jury may choose to use more than one panel of judges. Each panel of Judges will then judge one or more Categories. All Judges will be asked to vote to elect the Overall Winner. The sponsors of this competition may be asked to nominate a judge for inclusion in the Jury. Judging will take place on- line.
The names of the judges will be published on the FEP web site.

The Chairman of the jury, in cooperation with the FEP CEO, will monitor the voting procedure. He may also call the jury to re-examine an image or a set of pictures should he feel necessary or if there is great discrepancy in the scores awarded.
Should a judge know who created an entered image, the judge should refrain from judging the specific image. When in doubt, the Judge should consult the Chairman of the Jury. Judges may not enter the Competition.
The FEP CEO assists the Chairman, records the scores and signs the official jury report, which is also signed by the Chairman.


The Jury will assess the images for visual impact, composition, originality, technique, creativity, the ability to communicate a message, a feeling, or an emotion…

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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