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FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards : 2009

This competition closed on 15/11/2009.

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The aim of the competition is to help promote the photographic profession and to raise the level of professional standards. It is also intended to give just recognition to those who work in this sector according to the highest levels of quality and professionalism. The competition is a non-profit event and all fees collected will be used to promote the FEP and the FEP member associations.


For the first three years, the "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards" will be open to all professional photographers who are registered and resident in a European country, with no discrimination of sex, race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. After 2012, it will be open only to members of member organisations of the FEP.

Entrants who are member of a FEP member association will have to nominate the association of which they are member.
Entrants, by accepting these rules, declare that they are registered professional photographers, self employed or employee, earning a living as a maker of still images. The FEP reserves the right to control and confirm these declarations before they present any award.

How to enter

The competition is totally Web based; the signup, hosting and the judging will all be carried out online.
To enter a session, the photographers have to complete the entry form online. Entrants may submit a minimum of 1 image. They then may enter up to 4 images per category in each of the 3 categories, (12 images in total). A maximum of 4 pictures per category, per photographer will be admitted. The images must be anonymous. Next closing date for receipt of entries is November 15th 2009.

In the case of images pertinent to advertising campaigns, they must not contain graphic elements, which are not part of the exposure itself. The images must all have been produced in the last 2 years.

Entry fees

All members of the member organisations of the FEP may enter free of charge the 2009 sessions of the competition. For all other photographers entering each session of the competition, an entry fee of 30 Euro is requested for each series of 4 images.

Entrants certify that the entire process of production and post-production of any photographs submitted has been carried out by the entrant or under his/her direction. It is not possible to submit two images of the same subject, unless the process of post-production results in two completely different images. Images not considered admissible may be disqualified at the discretion of the jury.


In each session, all photographs entered will be evaluated by the international FEP jury with an online vote and will be awarded a score expressed in points out of 100. The author of an image who obtains a score of 70/100 will be presented with a Bronze Award Certificate, those obtaining a score of 80/100 will be presented with a Silver Award Certificate and finally those obtaining a score of 90/100 will be presented with a Gold Award Certificate by the FEP. The images and names of the photographers whose images obtain awards will also be published on the official FEP Web Site.
From the 3 category winners the jury will then select an Overall Winner, who will be presented as the “FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year”.
The winners will be awarded at a special ceremony at the Photo Museum of Antwerp on December 17th next. The awards will consist of certificates and a magnificent cut glass trophy. The winners may use the title “FEP European Photographers of the Year”. Authors who gain second and third position IN EACH CATEGORY will be presented with a certificate and an official mention on the FEP Web Site. Epson will print the finalist images for inclusion at the annual award ceremony.
All participants will receive the official results by e-mail.

Epson officially supports the “FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards”.
Epson has the right to use the photographs for promotional purposes for one year, publishing the name of the author and the event together with the winning images.


The principal judgement criteria which the jury will award points for are: visual impact, composition, originality, technique, and creativity, ability to communicate a message, a feeling and an emotion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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